Tribute to Ticket To Ride

Tribute to Ticket To Ride
London Underground

London Underground

I 1931 Harry Beck, a signal officer at London Transport, designed a map of the London Underground System, that today has become the standard for tubemaps all over the world. However the brittish transport authorities was sceptical about the map, that Harry Beck made in his spare time. The passengers on the other hand was very satisfied, so soon the map became the official map of the London Transport. Harry Beck was paid around 5 £ for his effort!

My Tubemap is a representation of the tubemap at it is seen today. I have used the same colors for the different tube lines, but I had to use the yellow for both Circle Line and the DLR and the white color is used for both Hammersmith & City and the National Rail. Piccadilly and Victoria Line shares the same blue color and District and Waterloo & City the same green color. I also had to invent some new stations, where the diffent lines is crossing.


The map can be printed on 8 A4-pages using either the PDF or the individual JPGs in the ZIP-file. The destination cards is designed to be printed on Avery C32011/C32016 (Business Cards) or on plain A4 paper. There is an optional backside included in the set.


In order to play using the map of the London Underground, you need the trains, the colored markers for each players and the train cards from the original game (either the USA- or the Europe-version). If you don't own the game, I encourage you to buy it. The Tubemap can be played by using the rules from the USA-version or the Europe-version. However since there isn't any ferries or tunnels on the map (despite the fact, that it is map of a underground-system!), you only need the stations from the European version.

The destination cards is divided into two categories: short routes < 17 and long routes > 17 points. In the European version of the game, each player is dealt three short routes and one long route at the beginning of the game and has to keep at least two routes. In the USA-version, the destination cards is mixed and you are given three to keep one.

Ticket To Ride

The original game is desighed by Alan R. Moon and published by Days of Wonder. The players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout the map. The longer the routes, the more points they earn. Extra points is given if two given destinations is connected.

German: Zug um Zug
French: Les Aventuriers du rail
Spanish: Aventureros al Tren

Alternate maps

Several Ticket To Ride-fans has made alternate maps for the game. They can be downloaded through the official website, BoardGameGeek or Naturelich Games.

Here is a selected list of alternate maps:

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